What to find where

Manuals for users of the KM3NeT open science system

Servers and platforms

platform content
open science portal Main entry point: Quickstart to the system
Education Portal for Training Courses Info on access options to courses
KM3NeT Open Data Centre ODC Documentation
Virtual Observatory server Start page for Help
Gitlab Software Development and Integration Server Built-in gitlab help system & documentation
Docker Containerisation System Getting started, documentation & Tutorials

VO server

Topic content
TAP service How to use TAP service
ADQL How to use ADQL query
Data set descriptions Description of table content for ANTARES data set

KM3NeT Open Data Centre

Topic content
Help & Howto Landing page for erver description links
API documentation Overview of API

Manuals for software

KM3NeT software packages

Software description content
openkm3 interface package to the ODC user guide
km3astro KM3NeT specific tools for coordinate transformation example gallery
km3pipe data processing framework full documentation
kmeta metadata management user guide

External software

Using VO clients

Software description content
Aladin Desktop and full sky catalogue client Download, guidelines
ADQL Query language for VO catalogues Introduction, API documentation
TOPCAT Tool for operations on catalogues and tables Introduction & download

Using the VO Python interface

Software description content
astropy Community Python library for astronomy Full documentation
pyvo Python library for VO, astropy affiliated Installation, user guide